You Are Still Righteous When You Fail | Joseph Prince

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No matter what season of life we’re in, we all have giants to face.
This excerpt is from: Run Toward Your Giants Without Fear (23 Feb 2020)

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Child of God, your Father wants you to live life undefeated and bring down every adversity in your way. In this encouraging message by Joseph Prince, find out why you can boldly face every trial with a confident expectation of victory. Learn how you can:

• Live fearlessly when you see how God is working powerfully against every attack of the enemy.
• Experience God’s shield of protection surrounding you when you are established in the righteousness of faith.
• Walk in every blessing of the righteous as promised in God’s Word.

See every weapon formed against you fall to the ground when you are rooted in your position in Christ.

As you take your place as the righteousness of God in Christ, you’ll find yourself running not from but toward your giants!

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