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Why do vegans fail? Simple. Because humans are carnivores, not herbivores. The dishonesty/delusion has got to stop. If you disagree with my characterization of the human species, let’s have a live hangout and discuss this. Otherwise, pipe the fuck down.

In the video where I addressed Gojiman’s tacit admission that we are not herbivores, I made a mistake. I fell for the plant-based agenda’s propaganda describing plant foods as more alkaline and animal-based food as acidic, when in truth, both are generally slightly acidic.

But if plants have roughly the same ph levels as animal products on average, I guess I was wrong. Still, that does not debunk the very logical theory I proposed, despite some desperate vegan’s pleading to the contrary.

I proposed a multi-conditional argument whose crux was that eating lowers the acidity of our stomach, and constant eating of nutritionally poor plants in large amounts lowers this acidity even more and for longer periods of time. The one thing I did get wrong, it would seem was the fact that a certain amount of plants won’t necessarily raise the ph level of our gut any more than that same amount of animal foods. Still, the problem of overloading the gut with frequent and voluminous meals, or the nature of the vegan diet, remains.

So basically, when you add a substance that has a ph level of 6.5, be it meat or broccoli, to a solution that has a ph of 1.5, like human stomach acid, logically, you’re going to raise the ph level of that solution. This logical conclusion was observed scientifically. I’m not breaking any new ground here.

This lowered stomach acidity becomes a problem for the plant-based eater who eats all the time because his gut doesn’t get much of a chance to rebound between the all-too-frequent meals of the constantly hungry vegan. Thus, bacterial overgrowth is more likely and the body stops releasing digestive enzymes when the ph of our gut remains above the ph of 3. All of this could explain why the vegan who is constantly shoving shit in his mouth, ends up having gut issues and ends up looking like Ghandi on meth.

But there’s more, besides the fact that when you eat this much plant foods, you overload the gut with insoluble fiber, further compounding the digestive problems. The vegan diet is inherently nutrient deficient. Maintaining strong stomach acid, and constantly replenishing the stomach mucous barrier that keeps this acid from causing problems, is very demanding on our bodies. We need nutrients to maintain both. Logically, then, a nutritionally poor diet further compounds the aforementioned problems. Vitamin B or zinc deficiency, for example, both huge problems for vegans, are both responsible for low stomach acidity.

Then there’s the excess carbohydrate consumption. Even though this is mostly theoretical, like the entire ideology of Veganism, sugar consumption seems to be associated with low stomach acid. There are studies that show this problem going away when the subjects go on a low-carb, high-fat diet.

Basically, the nutrient-poor, sugar rich vegan diet consisting of frequent and big meals, destroys our gut. That’s why vegans often complain about gut issues. That’s why so many quit this awful diet. Because humans are not herbivores.

We are carnivores. Our relatively small acidic stomach is sucks at digesting lots of plant matter. A low ph stomach acid is best for breaking down protein and killing food-borne pathogens often found in meat. Our stomachs are very small compared to herbivores, while our energy needs are very high, not just because of our highly acidic stomach, but also our huge brain, and the fact that are very active. Logically, then, we are designed for consuming small amounts of nutrient dense, protein and fat-rich food, not pounds of foliage, artificially sweet fruit or anti-nutrient-rich grain. That’s why ex-vegans feel amazing after they eat some meat. That’s why there are so many carnivore diet success stories.

We are not herbivores, and our physiology, proves it.

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