Why EVERY Student Should Fail AT LEAST One Exam!

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I can’t overemphasise how important having the skill to turn your failures into a positive force is. It can take years of working on it before you can do it properly – but learning this one skill can completely transform your life. When I was a student at university, this approach completely turned my grades around. That’s why I believe every student should fail AT LEAST one of their exams while at university.

Video Footage:
Astrid Franciszka – Study With Me at Cambridge University 2nd Year English Student – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5PxioZ-lrEZIObY6IzViGQ

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designboom – vimeo.com/294446948

Bearwalk – Epiphany School – vimeo.com/247906951

Mitchell Lazar – vimeo.com/203630994

Alex Falconer – Falmouth University – vimeo.com/246789646

designboom – vimeo.com/228219841

Jenna Gabriel – vimeo.com/140874187

Shadow Shine Pictures – Cornerstone University – vimeo.com/109076092

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