When Experiments Go Wrong!

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What’s up science team! It’s 2019 so happy new year! To start the year off I wanted to recap on 2018 when our experiments totally went wrong and failed horribly!

In Science, some things don’t go as planned. Sometimes experiments turn out to be totally disastrous! This could mean objects just blow up right in your face, or things just never panned out.. So today I wanted to tell you about the times that our experiments did not work out, either they were too dangerous and just flatout failed. Now, many times we were still able to make videos out of these failed experiments, but other time we were not, so today for the first time ever I’m going to show you footage we never released!

Fail #1 Rockets Exploding In My Face… For Real
Fail # 2 Throwing Objects From Bridges Can Look like Something Else
Fail # 3 Don’t Shoot Slime Out of A Potato Launcher
Fail # 4 Giant 30 Foot Blue Flames Inside of Volcanoes Are More Dangerous That You Think.

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