Top 10 Worst Ways to Fail a Shiny Pokemon

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My project of the last 3 weeks is finally finished! So, here it is! What I believe are the Top 10 WORST ways to fail a shiny Pokemon!

I’m taking suggestions for Top 10s and trivia videos too, so if you want to see something in particular, then let me know in the comments! If I end up making a video based on your comment then I’ll feature it in the video! 😀

I also implemented a lot of experimental editing techniques in this video (hence why it was in the making for so long) so please let me know what you think of it!

MASSIVE thank you to (in order of appearance) Elliot, Brendan and Dallas for letting me use footage from their videos for this! (I’m so sorry I made a typo on your name in the vid! D:)

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