Top 10 Reasons Automatic Fail Driving Test

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Learn the top 10 reasons that you will outright fail your driver’s test so that you can pass first time. Driver’s Test Checklist β–Ί SUBSCRIBE TODAY! β–Ί

Here we present to you the top 10 reasons that drivers fail their driver’s test outright. Action contrary to a regulatory sign, speeding in a school zone, or not stopping when turn right on a red light are just some of the examples of automatic fails. Learn what the automatic fails are so you can avoid these and pass your driver’s test first time.

00:00 – Top 10 Reasons Instant Fail Driving Test
00:29 – Not Stopping for Emergency Vehicles
00:48 – For the Purposes of a Driving Test Red & Yellow Lights Mean the Same
01:12 – Entering an Intersection You Can’t Clear
01:48 – Speeding in a School Zone When School is in Session
02:18 – Action Contrary to Regulatory Sign
03:14 – Crowding Pedestrians at Intersection
04:15 – Striking the Curb When Parking
04:35 – Striking a fixed object – usually when backing into a parking space
05:23 – Turning Right on Red Light
06:20 – Committing a Dangerous Action

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