This Is How You CONVERT Your Failures Into SUCCESS | Tom Bilyeu

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Failure is an equal opportunist. It’s one of those things every person walking this Earth will face at some point. Failure doesn’t discriminate on color, race, social class, educational level and it damn sure doesn’t care about who you know or what you’ve accomplished in the past. It is faithful and loving enough to stay with you longer than your most embarrassing photo. So why run, why feel bad, and why beat yourself up over it? Tom is sharing some of his biggest failures in this Q & A, and breaking down the exact techniques he’s used to go from lying face down on cheap nylon carpet shamed by failure in film school to cashing in on the mindset that keeps giving, and keeps working hand in hand with every failure.

It is possible to have a loving relationship with failure (that may be a bit of exaggeration) but you can learn to joyfully deal with your failures. Tom’s request to you, is that as soon as you watch this, pick ONE piece of advice, one technique you can try out and DO IT today! Rewatch this as much as you need to, but do make a move and stop allowing failure, shame, and self sabotage to hold you back from reaching the next level to your success.


0:00 | Introduction
0:51 | Overcome Fixed Mindset
13:06 | Breaking the Failure Loop
20:54 | Learn to Fail Forward
27:45 | Incapable But Not Stuck
31:09 | After Failure Adaptability


“No matter how successful the person is that you’re looking at, […] the one thing that I can promise you is that all of us struggle on the inside” [1:18]

“It may take you longer, you may have to work harder than somebody else, but if you love it enough, and you want to be that thing, then you can become that thing.” [11:21]

“Don’t be afraid to be incapable, simply recognize what you’re going to need to do in order to get capable, and then decide whether you’re willing to put the time and the energy into it or not.” [30:49]