The Science Behind Why Day Traders Fail… (Dunning-Kruger Effect)

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Let’s talk some science. Not just any old science, but literally award winning science in the field of psychology and human behavior. I have been guiding and helping traders since 2013 and I’ve seen some very common traits pop up time and time again. Until now, I’ve never really had an exact explanation of why beginner traders who are just getting started behave the way they do, but… now I do! I want to share with you what is known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect. When you understand even just the broad idea of the effect, you can quickly see how it explains why so many day traders fail. The stock market and being a day trader is already hard enough; however, when you introduce in this award winning psychology, you can see why it becomes that much more difficult leading day trader to ultimately fail. I realize that these kinds of videos can come across as “being a hater” or “being negative”, but please watch this will full self awareness and an open mind. Per the research, if you are honest with yourself, you will probably begin to understand why and how this psychology is affecting your trading. Let’s learn not with opinions, but some award winning science.

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