The Joe Budden Experiment Has Failed (But There's Hope)

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Ever since his hip-hop career drew to a close, Joe Budden took what many would see as a full stop and found the beginning of a new chapter. First, he took on the role of hip-hop’s disgruntled elder statesman on “Everyday Struggle.” Then, when Complex refused to grant his demands for a lengthy contract or a hefty percentage, Joe consolidated his efforts into his own show. Once known as “I’ll Name This Podcast Later”, “The Joe Budden Podcast” made its name as a safe haven for audiences that wanted to escape from mainstream media narratives, delivering hot takes and courting controversy along the way. With the big scoops offset by the camaraderie between Joe and the core team of Rory, Mal and longtime engineer Parks, Budden positioned himself as a beacon of truth, shining a light on a shadowy industry. But, after years spent making his name on a platform of transparency, cracks are beginning to show in what’s the Joe Budden Podcast Network as we know it.

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Narrated by: Pro (@ProTheGoat)
Written by: Robert Blair
Edited by: Roman Bill
Music by: Josh Petruccio

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