Robbery fail: Man traps himself inside wall for 3 days at Marshalls Paul Felyk

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Employees at a Marshalls mid-market fashion store in Longmont, Colorado had a surprise revelation Tuesday morning when they realized it wasn’t a voice in their head screaming “Help! Get me outta here!” It was the voice Paul Felyk, who had been trapped in a wall for three days.

Apparently Felyk scaled up the side of the building in an attempt to break into the store. The homeless man tampered with one of the air vents in order to enter the building. Felyk then fell about 20 feet and became trapped between the interior and exterior walls.

Felyk wrote notes but was unable to pass them under the interior wall. They were dated November 8. Employees heard Felyk’s cries for help days prior to his rescue but they couldn’t tell where they were coming from.

Finally, on Tuesday morning, somebody called rescue services who were able to identify the approximate location of the trapped man. Armed with pickaxes and a circular saw, rescuers burrowed through the wall and pulled out the menace to Marshalls who at this point was a little cold and cramped but probably glad he didn’t die trying to score a five-fingered discount.


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