Ozzy Man Reviews: Tradie Fails

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A bloody salute to tradie’s ay. A spin off from me forklifts episode the other week.
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Time to construct some SOURCES:

1. Aussie Tradies (@Adventures with Izack): https://tinyurl.com/8kbdu5zn
2. Brick Legends (@TOY’S VLOG) https://tinyurl.com/vtbhy5r5
3. Good Bricklaying (@iicollisonii on TikTok) https://tinyurl.com/vh7ujc9a
4. Construction warm up (u/roboswo on reddit) https://tinyurl.com/h84wud4k
5. Buffer Gone Wild (@Spencer Laboda) https://tinyurl.com/y59dumnn
6. Auger Spin https://tinyurl.com/7269bm3s
7. Tradies Ride Smoosher things (@Jukin Media): https://tinyurl.com/b2aa7ej2
8. One Million Nutcrackers (@Jukin Media): https://tinyurl.com/wypvn2ys
9. Cement Mixer Ride (@Tradie Mayhem): https://tinyurl.com/2xcustx6
10. Wheelbarrow Tumble: https://tinyurl.com/6zs536wk
11.Welding Ladder Fall : https://tinyurl.com/42uwuess
12. Heavy Long Metal Thing: Sent by Ozzy Man Fan Jan (THANKS JAN!!)
13. Weekend Tradie: Sent by Ozzy Man Fan Alison (THANKS ALISON!!)
14. Hard Hat Challenge (Thanks @OnTheTools on FB)

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Music via Audio Network.