Nature Scavenger Hunt FAIL!

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Nobody said the Brydons were outdoorsy people. But every day that passes of trying to stay safe indoors due to the pandemic just makes us even more antsy to get outside and enjoy nature! This time we drive to Lake Fayetteville, about 15 minutes South of where we live to go on a “Nature Scavenger Hunt” with Rosie. Little did we realize that we are currently in Hell’s kitchen as far as the weather goes here in the South! Poor British Tom still hasn’t gotten used to the American summer temps. When Kaley even thinks it’s too hot, you KNOW it’s HOT. A fun outdoor adventure had to be cut short sadly. But we still had fun as a family! Lake Fayetteville is such a beautiful place to go on a walk and explore nature.

British husband and American wife living in the USA with our beautiful 18 month old daughter Rose and Scottish Terrier Gracie.

We are a normal family, tackling life one day at a time in NW Arkansas – with Tom trying to figure out American living with funny results!

Being new parents also throws a curve ball or two along the way. Join us for the journey.

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