Money Hidden Under Trash – Social Experiment FAIL

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This is not a trick or prank, but a victimless experiment. Will people pick up the trash and find the hidden money? Please subscribe: WATCH OUR RAT SCARE PRANK:

Rich Ferguson takes to downtown San Luis Obispo to see if anyone will pick up some trash. When people go to grab the trash, the idea is to scare them with a rat hidden under it. However, after a while, we realized that we are not only punishing the wrong people but NOBODY picks up the trash…. which was surprising in such a health and community spirited town like “SLO.” We switched up the prank into a full blown social experiment that people failed miserably. All they had to do was pick up the obvious trash and they could keep the money they discovered underneath it! Keep in mind that the trash was in the dead center of the sidewalk and conveniently located next to a trash can! People took great effort to walk around or over it. It’s pretty comical to see how people adjust to subtly avoid what we all known they saw;) I get it, I would not likely pick up gum, food or anything that’s got someone else’s germs on it… but a large paper or cup or item that is in the way! Really?!

Anyhow, if you want to see real reactions, “PUNISHING” and pranking with the rat, go check out our Rat SCARE Prank version of this idea:

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