Marines' Silent Drill with an Oops! ("Military Ceremony Fail" ORIGINAL)

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Fort Henry Guard & USMC, August 15th 2009.

For those endlessly debating whose fault this was – the verdict from the Marines that performed that day: the Marine who threw the gun threw it too high to be caught properly.
No one was “fired” (it was a sarcastic joke…) Both Marines involved were sent back to the hotel for the night as reprimand, instead of going out on the town with the Fort Henry Guard, as is tradition.

So. Stop arguing. πŸ™„

The camera flash wasn’t the issue, and there were no postings or announcements to advise flash photography was not permitted.

March 2011. FailBlog recently posted a section of this video (hence my adding “Military Ceremony Fail” to my original title) and credited another YouTube user for the footage. I have filed copyright infringement claims against FailBlog and others who have taken this clip. I feel badly for those who lose out when big sites like FailBlog steal.
Edit: The copyright infringement forms I filed were approved by YouTube. All of the copied & stolen videos I was able to find have been removed. Thank you for your support and thank you to YouTube for acting on this! It’s nice to know something can be done. Please let me know if you find more!