female fails 2021 – Amazing compilation – Best of Girl Fails 2021 Epic Fails, try not to laugh. Enjoy the video
Female Fan Slaps Guy & Then Gets Her Husband Knocked Out At Heinz Field she is lucky she wasn’t knocked out as well. Let’s get into what went down during the Steelers Detroit game. #steelers [More]
I talk about the “Strong Female Character” archetype: What is the “Strong Female Character”? Is she a Mary Sue, or something else? How did it start? And why do writers always fail when writing women? [More]
What an amazing move, Jodie Whittaker drove Dr. Who into the ground and then quit when it it’s at an all time low in ratings. Support The Channel Directly! (Super Helpful) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfwE_ODI1YTbdjkzuSi1Nag/join Follow Me Twitch-https://www.twitch.tv/thequartering [More]
Women drivers be like, Funny Female driver fails. They think they own the street until this happens. I know some badass lady drivers, they are not all bad but the ones in this video give [More]
This may be the end of James Bond as we know it. Hollywood cannot help themselves. Female 007 is confirmed and that isn’t the biggest problem. The marketing dept. at MGM wants us to know [More]
Dear Evan Hansen Words Fail – Karaoke Instrumental Tono Female Key: Eb I do not own the rights to this song, so no copyright infringement intended. If you are going to use our instrumental for [More]
This is my cover of “Words Fail” from Dear Evan Hansen the Musical. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe!
Stopped by the 102nd precinct over in Richmond hill queens for a quick audit and Was told I can’t record from public because of a “security risk” 👎. *This video is for educational purposes and [More]
Now that the dust has settled on the unsurprising decision to brings #MeToo into the James Bond franchise as well as the first female 007. There are those of us who see through the Ghostbuster [More]
Best fails of 2018 so far. Funny compilation of reporters. Comment your favorite. LIKE. COMMENT. SHARE. SUBSCRIBE.
What Most Men Fail To Understand About FEMALE NATURE (STOP SIMPING) Most people fail to understand a few things about women. Most people want what they can’t have in life. It is simply how most [More]
Two black police officer beat a black man = *Crickets…. Wonder if the man will get charged with a hate crime?
Epic Funny Girl Fails Compilation 2018 || Female Fails! This is a try not to laugh challenge and I’m pretty sure most of you will fail! Funny ultimate fails are the best! Just look how [More]