ailamalia, acb cartoon tv, Fruit TV We’ve been getting a lot of funny animal fails submissions so we whipped up a little something extra for ya. Remember to submit your videos at and let [More]
New York City is finally bustling in the streets again, so you know there’s fails to be had in Times Square. Keep on watching for flash floods, poor workout form, tragic haircuts and all of [More]
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Double the laughter, double the pain in this Fails of the Week! We’re celebrate a milestone that was never even imagined – 15 Million YouTube Subscribers – which obviously wouldn’t have happened without all of [More]
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When nature calls, human falls. Plus jetkis, dirtbikes, scooters, really anything else with wheels, we’ve got people falling off them. Don’t get caught in the massive flood later on, but also avoid becoming a flyaway [More]
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They say dogs are man’s best friend, but maybe they haven’t seen these dogs. Let us know which dog you’d throw a bone to in the comments, and make sure to submit your pooch’s video [More]
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Ahoy there! This week we have a huge collection of seaworthy fails! From kayaks to yachts and beyond, these fails will make any skipper laugh! #funny #fail #tntl #lol #fails Get your FailArmy merch here: [More]
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