Hello friends, we all know that in science we need evidence if we want to prove something. This requirement has led scientists to go one step further with science experiments to prove their hypothesis. Sometimes [More]
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Hey YouTube, Jim Here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Whether during times of war or as a means of discovery, researchers and scientists have often turned to using their fellow man as lab rats in grotesque experiments. [More]
Learn all about the steps of the scientific method as you enjoy some of the zaniest experiments you’ve ever heard of! A great read for any science class! Please like this video and subscribe to [More]
Top 10 Science Experiments That Went Horribly Wrong in Movies Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD Epic science fail! WatchMojo counts down the best of the worst experiments from Rise of The Planet Of The Apes, Spiderman, Frankenstein, The [More]
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Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets has been the test bed for many technologies in the Star Trek universe, but not all of these panned out. This is a list of my 8 failed, [More]
This video is for you if you are interested in: easy science experiments to do at home, easy science experiments, easy science experiments for kindergarten, Egg in a bottle science experiment, egg experiments, egg experiments [More]
Crafting experiments to nudge your system to a better place can be counter-intuitive—and fun.
Science experiments with the kids!! FAIL.
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Experiments that illustrate the most important dike failure mechanisms. Engineering Series I. The Netherlands, 2016. Script and experiment by Dr. J.P. Aguilar-López (ing.jpal@gmail.com) Video production by Op Roll Audiovisuals (www.oproll.com) www.facebook.com/oproll.audiovisuals
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Footage of Chemistry experiments performed by students during school lab demo. Experiments were performed by students from A5 and B3 classes of N. Alikarnassos Highschool, Greece, under supervision of chemistry instructors E. Pantidou and I. [More]
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English version of the original German film “Irrtum Tierversuch” (http://youtu.be/xxFbQfbxXjI), commissioned by Doctors Against Animal Experiments Germany (http://www.doctors-against-animal-experiments.org) and produced by www.enigmation.de. Content: Each year millions of animals suffer and die in the laboratories, and [More]
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Get ‘amped up’ as our Nikola Telsa wannabes experimenting with all things electricity. This episode has everything from lightning-bolt-emitting Tesla coils and high voltage can crushers to static electricity and homemade stun guns. Attention all [More]
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Science Fails ORIGINAL VIDEO: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RIUwQptTOw&feature=youtu.be)
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Assortment of experimental aircraft designs from the early days of aviation 1915’s , . Crashes and mishaps. Please subscribe us for more amazing videos #earlyflyingfails #flyingfails
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Science is always a case of trial and error, but sometimes things just turn out in the worst ways possible. From raising chimps to the Stanford Prison Experiment, here’s 10 Science Experiments that ended in [More]
Top 10 Science Experiments That Went Horribly Wrong. These experiments on this list are definitely horrible and you should never do at home. Watch what these scientists did on this list of the Top 10 [More]
Today Magic Trick Guru brings a cool experiment with matches. We have tried to burn 9 bottles which was filled by match sticks. But experiment was failed. Hope you will love to watch this. If [More]