Jobs For Immigrants – Why Do Good CV's Fail To Get Job Offers?

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Quite simply, CV’s will NOT guarantee jobs for immigrants…..PERIOD!!

Let me explain…

Most prospective immigrants think that they can get a job with a good CV alone.

Well…it is not entirely true.

In my work, I see a lot of CVs every day…good and bad.

But all of these are general CVs – and they will not guarantee jobs for immigrants.

Here are 3 things that your CV won’t fix as an immigrant job seeker:

ATS’s Eliminate CVs in Applications To Jobs For Immigrants

I have previously done a whole explanation video about ATS’s (here: and another article about how ATS’s eliminate your CV, here:

In short, ATS’s are software used by large recruiters and most employers to screen and filter the applications for jobs.

They will eliminate some CVs coming from abroad, or CVs that are not written exactly towards satisfying the requirements for a job.

So, a general CV won’t fix that – not matter how good it is. It is just not written to satisfy the requirements for jobs for immigrants for several reasons.

You need a strategic immigrant’s CV, and also some strategies to get around ATS’s

You can learn more about how to create a Strategic Immigrant’s CV –

A CV Transfers Only 15% of What Is Required

A CV can only transfer 15% of the information that is required by jobs for immigrants.

That is skills, qualifications and experience.

Those are factual things that you can add to your CV and provide proof for.

However, most employers are making their hiring decisions based on the other 85% of things – that cannot be added to a CV.

Those things are enthusiasm, interest in the job and the business, positive attitude, interpersonal skills and communication skills.

The only way to transfer that information is by making a personal connection and having a conversation.

Your challenge is – who are you going to talk to if you do not even know which employers will work with immigrants.

That requires strategies outside the realm of a general CV and sending it to jobs online.

In fact – it requires specialist immigrant’s job search strategies.

Validity of Information

A general CV will contain your general information.

Information which is fit for applying for jobs in your local country – where everybody knows the companies you worked for and the institutions where you studied.

But, in your destination country, they have no idea about those.
You might have the highest and most prestigious qualification in the land, but employers in your new country don’t know that.

You will have to find a way of transferring to them the relevancy of you information on your CV, in their language, comparable to their levels and shown as valid and true.

Unfortunately, a general CV cannot do that when used to apply in jobs for immigrants.

You need both a strategic immigrant’s CV and you also need some unique immigrant’s job finding strategies – which goes hand in hand with that CV – to achieve that.

A job search process for finding a job as an immigrant, is very different to finding a job as a local.

Therefore, you cannot use a generic CV to apply for jobs for immigrants.

You must use both a specialised CV, combined with specialised immigrant’s job finding strategies.

If you need help with this, go to this link,, which will enable me to see how I can be of assistance to you.