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If it is not mated or sterilized, your cat will have these heat cycles every 2-3 weeks, causing many inconveniences for both owners and herself. During the heat your cat will only focus on trying to escape from the house to mate. If he finds a cat around, your cat will get what his body asks for. Your cat will have only one idea in mind (the need for mating) that it will make heard through loud calls to potential males that may be around. Your cat will be lurking by the doors, waiting to receive signals from a possible cat that could be circling your house. If that cat makes its presence felt, your cat will do its best to escape from the house to mate.
Sometimes cats mature faster than usual, leaving no time for their owners to neuter them. In this article we will try to answer some questions about what happens to your cat during the heat.
What happens during the heat?
The warm-up period in cats is described as the period of predisposition to mating, and is related to the production of estradiol (a type of estrogen) by ovarian follicles. The period of heat in cats should not be confused with the period of menstruation in women. During the heat, cats do not remove blood, but sometimes traces of mucosa can appear.
Female cats are considered to have induced ovulation, which means that ovulation does not occur without mating or manual stimulation. If the cat does not mate during the heat, the hormone level will decrease over time and the heat cycle will end. But it will be repeated in 2 or 3 weeks.
What happens during mating?
Your cat will send signals to mating cats with a unique body position: the head is held down, the forelegs bent, the lower back raised for the exposure of the vulva, the tail raised and directed towards the side of the body. This position allows the cat easy penetration. The hind legs will tread rhythmically, as in the case of walking on the spot.
The cat will mount the cat in the back, holding it with its teeth to the back of the neck. The bite gesture on the one hand ensures the cooperation of the cat, and on the other hand can stimulate the cat’s brain to ovulate.
How long after mating does the pregnancy occur?
Usually ovulation occurs within 20-50 hours of mating and the eggs are viable for fertilization for about a day. The eggs are fertilized in the oviduct and then transported to the uterus. Here the eggs are implanted in the uterine lining in 10-12 days.
Can a cat make puppies with more cats?
The answer is yes. On the street, a cat can mate with one or more cats during a heat cycle that can last up to 21 days. Although the cat’s genetics often have a say, the fact that it gives birth to many colorful puppies proves that it has mated with several cats. Some cat owners, as well as those who deal with purebred cats, ensure that their cat mates with a single cat during the heat to ensure the continuity of the purebred.
Can a cat get pregnant while breastfeeding?
The answer is yes to this question as well. That is why it is very important to keep the cat in the house, away from cats, while breastfeeding the chicks. Once the cat begins weaning the chicks, it must be neutered, if you do not want more puppies. You should also sterilize puppies, whether you keep them or give them up for adoption.
At what age can a cat get pregnant ?
Although cats mature sexually when they are between 5 and 12 months old, it can happen that your cat goes into heat at 4 months. If your cat becomes pregnant at this age, you will have a situation where a kitten has her own puppies. This is dangerous for both the mother cat and her cubs.