How To Meditate & Why Most People Fail

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Bestselling author, Noah Elkrief, explains how to meditate and avoid the mind traps that keep your mind busy and conflicting
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How to meditate for beginners at home? This video will show you how.

Noah Elkrief

This video is about how to meditate. It is useful as an instructional video for how to meditate for beginners at home. But, it’s also useful for people that have a lot of experience with meditation.

How to meditate for beginners at home? The most important thing to understand about how to meditate is… What is your goal? If the reason you want to meditate is because you want to silence your thoughts, then you will end up with a busy mind and conflict. How to meditate for beginners at home? Become clear about what you really want more than anything else. What is the ultimate goal for why you want to meditate? Peace. All you want is peace.

How do you get peace? Not from trying to force your mind to be silent. Or by forcing your attention on your breath or anything else. It is by changing your relationship to thoughts.

How to meditate for beginners at home? Allow your thoughts to do anything they want. Don’t try to stop them, don’t try to change them. The only one that has a problem with thoughts is thoughts.

Another key point for beginners trying to meditate is to always ask whether something is bad before you try to change it. Question whether mind’s ideas of good and bad are real and true before you spend mental energy trying to fix imaginary problems.

Meditation for beginners (and anyone else) is about discovering that there is nothing wrong with this moment exactly as it is. Meditation for beginners is therefore all about allowing this moment to just be as it is. Meditation is all about recognizing that peace doesn’t come from changing “bad” to “good”, but from ending the war of trying to change everything.

I hope you find this video about how to meditate for beginners at home to be helpful. Meditation is a wonderful way for how to deal with anxiety, and it can give you great anxiety relief.