Hitman 3 – Experiment fail, kill Hush (Impulse Control) End of an Era Chongqing China

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Impulse Control Story in Chongqing China End of an Era – Eliminate Hush while doing the control experiment/test. You need to get rid of the assistant first. There is a glitch where Hush doesn’t stand up by the way; so just reload your game and hope that he stands up after the first part of the experiment.

Hush was a cyber-terrorist in Khandanyang who worked for Jin Po (Khandanyang’s dictator) in the Ministry of state security. His skills were used to arrest and execute critics of Po and his regime and scare the public into obedience. Due to Po’s erratic nature and extreme paranoia, Hush fled during the Great Leader’s purge on all of the people he thought posed a threat to him. He recruited and manipulated a group of hacktivists who helped him build an impenetrable code that he could use to store or expose information, though his core code was made out of several different ones as each of his assistants were given different lines to work with. In reality, his code was actually being used in the dark web, prominently by those who used humans as commodities, for organ harvesting or sex trafficking.

Olivia Hall came across the truth and in her effort to expose the truth, narrowly avoided an assassination attempt. While she teamed up with Lucas Grey and eventually 47, Hush worked with the ICA and Imogen Royce. His job was creating software that could house the ICA’s most classified information, a job he achieved with acclaim, frequently competing with Royce to see who could achieve the most impressive technological innovations.

While he built networks for the agency, he used his wealth and resources to experiment on people, primarily the homeless, turning them into sentient puppets by using implants to control their motor functions.

Agent 47 (also simply known as 47) is an assassin/hitman and the titular protagonist hero/villain of the Hitman video game series.

Although he is the protagonist, his works and doings have made him infamous as a professional assassin. He is employed by the ICA (International Contract Agency) to carry out hits for their clients, and has since become renowned as one the ICA’s most superior assassins, and a strategically valued asset. The part that is also frequently overlooked is that most villains in Hitman series are depraved and extremely evil figures who deserve no sympathy when they die at the hands of Agent 47, but this absolutely does not mean Agent 47 is a do-gooder, as in fact, if he is assigned to assassinate a good person, he would with cold-hearted efficiency.

Hitman 3 (stylized as HITMAN™ III) is the 8th and latest installment to the Hitman video game series. It was announced on June 11, 2020 and was released on January 20, 2021.[1] HITMAN™ III will be the first game in the Hitman series to be self-published by IO Interactive.[2]

The game will serve as the conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy. It will launch with 6 new locations to explore, and owners of HITMAN™ and HITMAN™ 2 will be able to ‘import’ locations introduced in those games into HITMAN™ III. Additionally, HITMAN™ 2 players will be given the option to carry over unlocks and progression into HITMAN™ III.


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Difficulty: Professional
CPU: Intel Core i9 9880h
GPU: RTX 2070 8GB
Recorder: Shadowplay