Green Lantern — How to Fail at Iron Man | Anatomy Of A Failure

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2011’s Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds was DC and Warner Brothers’ attempt to begin building their own version of the MCU…that just didn’t work out: the film became a massive box office flop that nobody liked, a movie that Deadpool has dedicated the majority of his screentime to make fun of. And that’s a bit weird considering they took heavy inspiration from MCU’s first movie, 2008’s Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. So in today’s anatomy of a failure, let’s compare Green Lantern to Iron Man and Hal Jordan to Tony Stark to see why one movie and character became a massive success and the other the opposite. Here’s how to fail at Iron Man.

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Green Lantern (2011)
A test pilot embraces his destiny as a cosmic superhero in Casino Royale director Martin Campbell’s adaptation of the popular DC Comics series. Ever since he saw his fearless father perish in a tragic aviation mishap, all Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) could think about was flying. Somewhere out in space, a powerful force of evil known as Parallax Iron Man how to turn a villain into the hero green lantern honest trailer everything wrong with green lantern 2011 green lantern watch full movie online free 4k clip hd parallax green lantern box office flop the lone ranger how to build the biggest flop of all time transformers mulan tom cruise green lantern why did green lantern flop deadpool green lantern is spreading fear and destruction; tom cruise green lantern superman man of steel the only hope for defeating Parallax is the Green Lantern Corps, a group of intergalactic warriors powered by the force of will. When legendary Green Lantern Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison) is sent hurtling toward planet Earth after a deadly encounter with Parallax, his ring chooses Hal to continue the fight. The first human ever to receive the honor of becoming a Green Lantern, Hal is viewed with scorn by the league’s leader, Sinestro (Mark Strong), who trains him alongside the hulking Kilowog (voice of Michael Clarke Duncan). Later, on planet Earth, frail scientist Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) becomes infected with Parallax’s evil while performing an autopsy on Abin Sur, and uses his newfound powers to stake claim on Carol Ferris (Blake Lively), Hal’s lifelong friend and fellow test pilot.

Iron Man (2008)
From Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures comes Iron Man, an action-packed take on the tale of wealthy philanthropist Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), who develops an invulnerable robotic suit to fight the throes of evil. In addition to being filthy rich, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark is also a genius inventor. When Stark is kidnapped and forced to build a diabolical weapon, he instead uses his intelligence and ingenuity to construct an indestructible suit of armor and escape his captors. Once free, Stark discovers a deadly conspiracy that could destabilize the entire globe, and dons his powerful new suit on a mission to stop the villains and save the world. Gwyneth Paltrow co-stars as his secretary, Virginia “Pepper” Potts, while Terrence Howard fills the role of Jim “Rhodey” Rhodes, one of Stark’s colleagues, whose military background leads him to help in the formation of the suit. Jon Favreau directs, with Marvel movie veterans Avi Arad and Kevin Feige producing.