EXPERIMENT WITH ME – WASH & GO STYLING!! FAIL?! 打 | AbbieCurls | Natural Hair

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Hey everyone!

I know sometimes seeing natural hair influencers, like myself, posting videos and pictures of their hair looking ‘perfect’, and posting hair style tutorials where it looks like they automatically could do things like flat twisting etc can be super frustrating if you’re struggling with your own hair!

I just wanted to remind you that we also have ‘hair fails’ behind the scenes. It takes me hours of practice doing some of the styles that I show you guys. I don’t just wake up, try a style for the first time and it works. So keep that in mind when you have a hairstyle fail.

Let me know if you’d find it helpful to share more of my experimenting/practicing process and more of my fails.

This wash & go wasn’t necessarily a fail, but it didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it to. So the experimenting continues…

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