Don't plan to fail your Aquascape | Happy fins and nature

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Hey guys,

In this video I have discussed about the secret of happy fish keeping. In this video I have discussed about about to prepare your hardscape so that it lasts long. If you don’t want to see cloudy water, Parasitic diseases in our aquarium, Unfortunate fish deaths and avoid any unwanted results in your aquarium this is a must watch video. We have discussed a bit about different aquascape styles like diorama, nature aquarium, Iwagumi styles. This is about setting up a low budget / low tech aquascape. This is going to be a series so keep watching till the end and I will share some Pro Tips through out the full video. Here I have talked about the easily found aquascaping materiel which are either fully free of cost or very less expensive. Hope you all will like it.

Please watch the full video for more details.

Happy fins and nature.

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Setting up Diorama style aquarium
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