Cornel West on George Floyd And The 'Failed' American Experiment | NowThis

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In US news and current events today, Dr, Cornel West went on CNN to explain why the U.S. is a β€˜failed social experiment.’

In the wake of the police killing of George Floyd and the subsequent George Floyd protests and Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality, police violence and police racism, it’s important to understand the centuries of systemic failure that have led us to this moment. It’s not enough to simply declare BLM, according to Cornel West. CNN viewers were instead illuminated about the ways in which our society is explicitly built to keep Black people down and enforce white supremacy. Cornel West, George Floyd, CNN, these are all forces in a system and society that has failed to practice what it preaches, and in order to foster real change and ensure that Black Lives Matter, we must do a better job listening, understanding, and repairing the broken social contract that is America.

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