CHILL! It's okay for Moms to Fail, Make Mistakes, get Messy, Experiment and LIVE

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You are free to try, fail, mess up, take risks, experiment, and even quit sometimes. Just pour your heart into what is most precious to you. What’s holding you back? Comment and I’ll try to answer. The comments happening in this post are really great.

Moms are not perfect
and we make mistakes
We try and try harder
and sometimes we fake
We give too much and not enough
When we fear failure, still we love
We give and we give
and we forget to live
We take risks and wonder why
We smile as we cry
It’s okay to fail and try
and okay to try again
It’s okay to be who we are
and maybe we don’t have to try so hard
If we could only see
Love is what we need
and that everything we do, done in love
is going to always be enough