Boat Ramp Champs | A Very Expensive Fail

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Its week 11 of our new series dedicated to everyone’s favorite place for fails, the boat ramp!

Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

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00:00 1. Always wear your mask on your jetski @jvalenti7
00:16 2. Slip up @gregoire_bldr
00:29 3. holding the whole highway up?! @eguzman213
0:44 4. Its angry pontoon man! This guy has become a meme @anastasiaxoxox
00:56 5. Leaving the wife to do the dirty work @qmoynihan1
01:03 6. That sinking feeling @badluck_bob
01:10 7. Saltwater+your truck…not good @mac_carideo13
01:24 8. At least his hemi won’t tick any more @albkingkong
01:46 9. Grog on the rocks @mattsouth
02:01 10. 4 $90,000 engines!
02:24 11. What in the alabama betty crocker
02:32 12. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should! @shannonraskob
02:45 13. Nice Fernder @houstonxfishscale
02:51 14. Define “almost” went under the lake there guy @mpamesjr7

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