BASE jumper survives cliff edge stunt fail in Norway

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A Norwegian daredevil had a lucky escape when a stunt he was filming for a television show went horribly wrong.

Surgeon Richard Henriksen’s penchant for performing gymnastics before BASE jumping from cliffs in western Norway made him the ideal candidate for Norwegian state broadcaster NRK’s television show “Normal Madness”.

Showcasing his eccentric and extreme habit for the cameras, the father-of-five set up a high bar on the edge of a cliff in order to launch himself into his BASE jump with a somersault.

But the stunt took a shocking turn when the apparatus broke while Henriksen was mid-swing sending him hurtling over the edge of the 4,000ft (1,200m) cliff.

The adrenaline seeker narrowly missed hitting the craggy rock face but retained his composure in time to open his parachute and safely land.

The show’s presenter Arde Sende Osen, who was filmed looking on when the accident happened, said he instantly believed Henriksen would be killed.

“When this happened, I thought, he is going to die,” he told reporters.

“It’s the worst (event) I’ve experienced at work,” he added.

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