5 विज्ञान के इंसानो पर किये गए Experiment | Most Unethical Science Experiments Ever

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Hello friends, we all know that in science we need evidence if we want to prove something. This requirement has led scientists to go one step further with science experiments to prove their hypothesis. Sometimes these experiments are human experiments as well as animal experiments that are plainly inhuman. We call these scientists mad scientists because they are insane in their obsession to prove something at any cost. In this video we discuss about stanley milgram’s obedience experiement/ psychological experiment, robert e cornish experiement, dr. dncal mc. dougall experiment, josef mengele experiements etc.. All these are unethical experiments later which would be banned based on human rights and animal rights. Did the scientist who performed them had mental sickness or some kind of mental disease or were they hard pressed for results? Watch the video to know more –