3 Secrets Why Men FAIL With Women

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Being able to attract a woman or the women of your choosing sometimes comes down to knowing what NOT to do and making sure you avoid it at all costs. Just like there is a formula for success equally there is a formula for failure.

Here are the three top reasons why men FAIL when it comes to attracting or interacting with women:

1. They are conflicted on how to act.

2. They don’t believe they truly deserve the woman they want.

3. They don’t have the skills or knowledge about triggering attraction and understanding what turns a woman off and what turns her on.

Underpinning that is one principle that once you are aware of can completely change the way you date, relate, communicate, and interact with women forever. You can find out what it is here http://dld.bz/acQBa

Enjoy guys and I’ll see you in the next video!

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