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Safari ride can be fun, especially if you meet giraffe, stooping down to your car and begging for some food 😀 That and much more, enjoy watching this awesome video mixture and have a nice [More]
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Best girl fails of 2012 put together in one fail compilation for your viewing pleasure.
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I wanted to make a video of a wren that was seen in our yard and my dog ruined it…..twice, thanks Penny
It is going to be a very crazy day at the theme park. Let’s ride on lots of rides! Oh no I fell out of the roller-coaster! What a disaster! Get the official Cookie Swirl [More]
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WORLD’S FASTEST ANIMALS FAIL! Mother Impala Take Down Cheetah, Leopard With Horns To Rescue Her Baby. Please go here to donate to the channel if you love it: Welcome to Wild Animals World! – [More]
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This may be the end of James Bond as we know it. Hollywood cannot help themselves. Female 007 is confirmed and that isn’t the biggest problem. The marketing dept. at MGM wants us to know [More]
Doctor’s Fail To Diagnose Cause Of Woman’s ‘Itch’ Until It’s Too Late When a woman began suffering from a strange, mysterious itch, she went to see the doctor several times. After getting medication for scabies, [More]
Hahaha.. Look Melina !! Look Jillian and rosa ..!
Funny Women Driving Fail COMPILATION JANUARY 2019 Take these videos for Entertainment only. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions. Copyright issue? Send me a message and we’ll get it resolved . [More]
she’s had drunk after doing crazy funny things nd she’s cont balancing
Most Funny Fat People Fail Videos. Enjoy the best fails for this week! Let us know which one you laughed at the most and as always. Compilation of the most epic fails and funny videos, [More]
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