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LEGO Spider-Man School Fail @Brick to Brick #spiderman #marvel #superhero
Incercam inca un joculet micut si simpatic numit Fail Man! (Reducere cu codul : INFI)
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Cops want id and make up laws but get owned instead man knows his rights first amendment audit fail Subscribe Subscribe Topics are: Law enforcement) 1st, AMENDMENT) (2ND, SECOND,) ( 3RD, THIRD, [More]
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In a recent podcast Joe Rogan claimed that so-called regenerative grazing and the eating of animals is great for the planet and for human health and that veganism is what’s destroying the earth and people’s [More]
It’s a never-ending wheel of fun in this edition of Epic or Fail!
Guy hanging with no pants after a human pyramid fails lol. This happened in India.
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Relax Experiment fail vs success : coca cola / coke vs mentos underground Elephant Toothpaste
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A student who was burned during a high school chemistry experiment says he looked like something out of “a horror movie.” An explosion in chemistry class engulfed Alonzo Yanes in a fireball, leaving him burned [More]
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Before becoming a teacher at Taipei American School, Dr. Coburn-Palo served as a consulting negotiation trainer for diplomats on behalf of the United Nations institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). This has provided him with [More]
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