15 Reasons Why People FAIL

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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
β€’ What is the main cause of failure?!
β€’ Why do some people fail?!
β€’ How can you fail in life?!
β€’ Why do some companies succeed and others fail?!
β€’ How do you overcome failure?!
β€’ Why do so many entrepreneurs fail?!
β€’ How do I fix my life?!
β€’ How can we do to avoid failure?!
β€’ Why some entrepreneurs are successful?!
β€’ How can you avoid business failure?!
β€’ What are the major causes of business failure?!
β€’ Why do businesses fail?
β€’ Why do people fail to find their passion?
β€’ Why do people fail in business?
β€’ What are the most common reasons why people fail?
β€’ Is failure a good thing?
β€’ Why people encourage others to fail?
β€’ Why you shouldn’t be scared of failure?
β€’ How many times can you fail in life?
β€’ Is failure bad? Is failure good?
β€’ What are some bad examples of failure?
β€’ What causes businesses to fail?
β€’ How to deal with failure?
β€’ Why do some people fail at everything they try?
β€’ Why do people fail in life?
β€’ Why do people fail in their careers?
β€’ Why do more people fail than succeed?
β€’ Why do some intelligent people fail at life?
β€’ Why do some intelligent people fail to achieve their potential?

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