12 Reasons Why Smart People Fail in Business

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There are a lot of smart people that come up to me and say, “Pat, this business thing is a piece of cake. I’m an executive, and I have a degree from XYZ. I’m thinking about being a business owner, and it’s going to be so easy for me.” They go in extremely arrogant and cocky. Then then boom, they fail, and then they wonder why. So in the video I get into 12 reasons why smart people fail in business.

#1: Shoshin Disappears – 1:41

#2: Too Conservative – 3:44

#3: Over Promise, Under Deliver – 4:53

#4: Fact-Driven – 7:10

#5: Me Mentality – 10:33

#6: Entitlement – 13:39

#7: Won’t Admit Mistakes – 17:14

#8: Lack of Selling Vision – 18:44

#9: Outsmart Hard Work – 18:55

#10: No High Road – 21:32

#11: Fear of Adapting – 23:39

#12: Not Getting Hands Dirty – 25:07

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