#1 Reason Why People Fail With Facebook Ads

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In this video I’m gonna tell you the number one reason why people fail with Facebook ads and how to fix it I’m actually going to show you a screen recording in just a minute on exactly how to fix it but the number one reason is poor interest targeting people I see all the time do not know how to target the right people they don’t have a small enough audience they’re not doing a lot of different things properly and we’re going to look and this is a secret technique that I found out you can actually see people that are advertising to you can see why they are advertising to you can see the specific demographics that they pick you can see the type of audience that you’re in with them and one of the common themes this is another little tip before we get started is that a lot of people are either doing retargeting because you visited their site which works extremely well or they’re targeting you because you’re similar to a customer list that they have. So let’s jump in to Facebook Ads and I’ll show you how you can see why people are targeting you and how to fix your interest targeting the first thing I wanted to show you was this neat little trick on how you can basically steal your competitors targeting information after I show you this trick which is just absolutely amazing I’m going to show you how to fix your interest targeting. So the first thing is I’m in my own personal newsfeed and I can scroll up and down and I can see all these posts now some of these posts are just natural posts and some are advertisements and as you scroll it’s pretty obvious sometimes which ones are advertisements like this one first up it says sponsored but as you scroll it just becomes pretty obvious that one does look like an advertisement as well it actually isn’t which is interesting enough but the thing that will do this little first trick is to click here and say click why am i saying this ad.

So first off you know it’s an ad because it says sponsored and if you ever wonder well why they are targeting me or why my competitor is targeting me or the certain demographic click there click why am I saying this ad. So let’s look at this. So you’re seeing this ad because basically I’ve visited their website. So they want to reach people who have visited their website previously and people ages 18 or older. So that’s their only criteria basically this is remarketing and I love remarketing I think it’s one of the best our lives it is the best ROI on facebook advertisement. So let’s look at another advertisement down below I saw one right here why am I seeing this at workplace by Facebook a more connected company is a more productive company that seems really random am i seeing this. So one reason you’re seeing this is want to reach people who are part of their audience created based on data provided by DL X Facebook works with data providers to help businesses find the right audiences further ads.
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